One of the quickest and easiest ways to make a change is to focus on Who you are rather than on What you do. Our behaviors develop from patterns we have repeated so many times that they become habits. Habits can be changed by stopping the old behavior, replacing it with a new behavior, and repeating the new behavior enough times to make it a new habit. With this approach, every habit you want to change must be identified, stopped and then reconditioned. A quicker, more effective way to change a habit is to become the type of person who would not have engaged in the behaviors in the first place.

Stop trying to change What you do. Instead, change Who you are.

Let's examine the two approaches by looking at someone trying to lose weight:

Behavior Changes (What you do)
I will stop eating sugar and carbohydrates
I will exercise four times a week
I will stop eating three hours before I go to bed

Identity Change (Who you are)
I am healthy and energetic
I respect and take care of my body
My body will never say "no" when my mind says "yes"

Which approach makes it easier and more likely that you will eat well and find the time to exercise? As a coach, I guide my clients to shift their Who so that they achieve their goals faster and easier.

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